Updated: 12 Jun 2021


Online exhibition poster

Last chance to see!

This exhibition closes 30th June 2021.


Museum Highlights

With trips to the museum or days out to the beach a possibility again, here a Museum Highlight to celebrate the re-opening of Reading Museum, and a chance to see the Rubens to Sickert: The Study of Drawing exhibition in person until August 2021.

Deckchair with pier building looming above

Picture of the Month

June 2021
by Carole Stephens

Blue patterns with a hidden floating figure
He lay as one who lies & dreams
In a pleasant meadow land
Mixed media
27 x 32cm

I admire Carole's work enormously for she explores emotions so well. This painting reflects the almost out of body experiences that Oscar Wilde endured in our gaol and wrote about so vividly..The dark shapes move me as I begin to feel his agony..and that of his fellow prisoners..She makes me respond and I thank her!

Chosen from our online Gallery by Pauline Twyman



The Reading Guild of Artists (RGA), founded in 1930, is a diverse group of professional and amateur artists in the Berkshire area.



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