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Picture of the Month

October 2016
by Salma Haque

Rocky Waterfall 1

Rocky Waterfall 1
Acrylic on board
80 x 49cm

I've chosen this painting because it is not 'contained' within the frame, there is the feeling it rolls out from the confines of the rectangle. I like the strokes and there is an incredible amount of movement which really gives it an alive vibrancy of flow. Also the image is not 'straightened' it is on an angle which is exactly how you would see the scene from the bank which despite the impressionist style gives it a sense of realism too, we are seeing it from her eyes and not from where the scene has been placed on the surface. There is so much going on in stroke, style, texture and observation and yet the overall effect is organic and natural, the eye just goes round and round finding new things, there is a 'modernist' feel to the rocks but then the water flows around them with a tonality of light and shade which sets the temperature.

Chosen from our online Gallery by Peg Salaün-Smith



The Reading Guild of Artists (RGA), founded in 1930, is a diverse group of professional and amateur artists in the Berkshire area.

The RGA holds regular creative art workshops and free art exhibitions throughout the year.

The next Earley Painters, Tack and Turnout 1 Nov, and RGA Friday will be 11 Nov, Drawing and Printing with Emily Gilmore.

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Updated: 22 Oct 2016



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